Saskatchewan has brought forth 140 invitations as per in it’s new in-demand occupations list

PR visa Canada is a great boon for everybody. There are however some rigorous procedures for getting this kind of permanent residency visa due to which professional help becomes mandatory.

Every province has been given liberty in Canada to have their own Canada immigration permanent resident programs implemented. That’s why, its easier for candidates to get selected through those Canada immigration permanent resident programs who don’t have chances of selection through Express Entry. Saskatchewan recently invited candidates through the, Occupations In Demand List program. Although application procedure for this visa is made through the Express Entry, Saskatchewan has actually introduced a point based grid system. The candidates should have points as per this system to get the visa. As  per the latest update Saskatchewan has generated 140 invitations for it’s occupations in demand list based immigration program.

What are the constituents of the Saskatchewan occupations in-demand  program?

The candidate needs to understand carefully that his point score should not be less than 60 as per this point grid system. As per this system, there is a genuine reward when you have the job offer in Saskatchewan. So, when you have the job, you can get the 30 extra points as per the “your connection to the Saskatchewan labor market”  factor of the Saskatchewan point grid system. If a relative of yours has been living in this province, you are also eligible for 5 points. The category of such relatives is quite comprehensive and you can get points even if you have your in-laws living here. Sometimes, the candidate has already been living in this province prior to his application for PR here. This kind of 1-year work experience can get him 5 points. However, another 5 points are given for him is he has received some education from this province. So, this is how things become so easy for you to get the PR visa Canada from Saskatchewan when you have such factors supporting you. In case, a candidate needs to get a job offer in this province, it’s mandatory for him to have a professional license. For this professional license, every occupation has specified its own assessment authority. So, for the occupation of Managers in Horticulture, an applicant needs his assessment including written exams done from the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC).  Another occupation of “psychiatrists” also needs a professional license issued by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan. Out of the 22 occupations which are approved for getting a PR in this province, only 3 don’t need such an assessment. The rest 19 need evaluation for someone to be provided with a job offer.

Points are also given for the education of a candidate. A candidate also needs to have his education assessed however to get these many points. These points can be equivalent to 23 for someone who has a master’s degree. Similarly, points are 20 for a university degree.

The candidates can also get points for experience. A candidate can also get points once his experience is assessed. This experience is useful when its equivalent to atleast 1 year and is not more than 5 years old. If you have experience older than 5 years, it should be, at least 2 years for you to earn points for it as per Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program.

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