Ontario: Immigrate here! Know how?

Candidates are looking to be in Canada as a perfect destination for immigration. It’s true that the Canadians have so much to offer to the rest of the world. The ambiance of their country is just so desirable. Once you consult the best immigration company in India, which helps you with all the formalities made compulsory for the Canada PR visa.

Why Canada?

The country of Canada has every factor due to which its popular among immigrants. The country of Canada has had the most coveted position in the Quality Of Life Index which is generated by the United Nations. For the past 9 years, Canada has held the position in the foremost 10 countries as per this index. So, Canada has enviable living standards just like countries of Switzerland, Singapore, and Australia. That’s why this country is where every immigrant wants to be.  This country has been home to so many cultures who are living here as of now. There are Chinese, Africans and Indians who live in Canada. The minority population formed 22.3% of the population of this country in the 2016 census. Apart from Asians, Africans, and Chinese, Europeans and Britons also live here. The largest percentage of the minority population is formed by South Asians which constitutes 5.6% of Canada’s population. There are many ideal places to live in this city. Apart from that the country also offers great residence possibilities for the immigrants.

Why Ontario?

Toronto has such great living options for residents. The Housing in Canada is also available at reasonable rates. The rate of a one bedroom apartment is 3,60,000 CAD in this country. However, for a high-level townhouse, the costs are high at 8 lakhs CAD. The residents of the city enjoy golf courses and pools also present here.

Markham which is also a region in Canada is an ideal place desired by every immigrant. There are some great IT companies here due to which there is no lack of jobs for such professionals. Apple, Lucent, Motorola, and IBM all the big IT companies are here. In Markham, an apartment with two bedrooms costs as much 5 lakh CAD. The distance between Markham and Toronto is also low at 17 km.

For example, in Ontario, the immigrants can get so many benefits in terms of a great living environment with so many bars and restaurants. People can live so easily here without so many hassles.  So, you can easily get here as per the Ontario program for express entry. The Ontario program for express entry only requires someone to have 400 points. Ontario selects candidates through two streams of French-speaking skilled worker stream and human capital priorities stream. both these streams have individual requirements which imply that the candidate should have more than 400 points for the human capital priorities stream. For the French-speaking skilled worker program, a candidate must be knowing both French and English well. He should have CLB 7 in French and a good score of CLB 6 in English only after which he is considered alright for this scheme.

The best immigration consultants in India can give you a high level of benefit in terms of providing the most pertinent consultation for this visa. They know what you need to do to submit a befitting Canada PR application. So, take the help from the best immigration consultants in India and move to Canada as soon as possible.

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