Great factors about living in Australia

Australia has many livable cities. There are cities like Adelaide and Sydney here. The candidates can get the best possible of life possible in such Australian cities which isn’t possible anywhere else.

Adelaide has a low population of 13 lakhs due to which it is a great place for residence.


Adelaide has a great need for immigrants here every year so that the labor force is added to this place. Adelaide also has the shortest possible commute possible for its residents to places of work. A house in this city costs a $436,000. That’s why, its easy to be here.

The benefits of living in Adelaide are many which include moderate seawater temperatures. The city has an attractive topography consisting of national parks and hills

Easy life in Sydney

You can live in Sydney with the skilled nominated visa Australia for the province New South Wales where Sydney is located.  Sydney is a great city for immigrants with almost half of its population(49.1%) consisting of those who settled here from abroad. There are a lot of  Asians living in this country and consist of Thai and, Chinese . So, Sydney is another city where you can look for residence. The time duration of seasons in this city is different from that of those in other cities in the world. The winter season lasts here from the months of June-August which contrasts with the months for the same in other parts of the world.

The city of Sydney has a great transport system due to which it’s preferable to live here. Sydney metro makes sure you have no problems going through this city. This metro system is the largest system for public transport in Australia. The best part about this metro is that once you miss one metro, you don’t have to wait for another metro. The maximum possible delay between consecutive  metros is 4 minutes.


The candidate can easily avail the 190 state visa Australia if he has experience for the same. If his kind occupation holders are needed in Australia, nothing can stop him from getting here. He should just have his occupation to be a part of the short-term skills occupation list(STSOL).

Every state in Australia has its own short-term skilled occupation list which gets changed after some time. The candidate just needs to get a good skill assessment to get this report generated which is used for the purpose of proving that your experience from home country is useful for you. You should have a lot of experience needed for immigration to Australia. That’s why skill assessment is so necessary. 190 state visa Australia is useful for those who want to be a part of the workforce of this country and have been selected for the same before immigration. These kinds of selected candidates for immigration to Australia are pretty smart. The candidates have the option to get this visa when they have 65 points. The candidates should have state nomination compulsorily given to them for the skilled nominated visa Australia. With the state nomination, 5 points are awarded.

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